Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Mamas and the Pappadums

Another gastronomic update from your African correspondent:

I went out last night with some people from work to get Indian food. We went to this place called the Patel Brotherhood. Although the name suggests a shadowy network of Gujurati arms dealers, it's actually a social club for Indian people. There are a few clubs like it throughout the city, since Dar has such a large Indian population. A lot of the Indians here are second- or third-generation immigrants, but other have been there even longer.

The Brotherhood was a huge place in the city center, with a sort of mini-hotel, squash courts, patio seating for 200 people, and a giant screen for watching cricket and European football matches. We bought a so-called visitor's pass for $1, which ain't a bad price. Last night was the Champion's League final, so the place was packed with people speaking real elevator-quality Hindi mixed with English and Swahili. The four of us ordered tons of appetizers, breads, rice, main dishes and beer and it only cost $10 a person. The real prize, however, was the bread. I'm a bit of an Indian baked-goods snob, but I have to say that both the butter naan and pappadum were the best I've ever eaten, hands down. I really want to go back, assuming I can ever find the place again.


  1. That sounds awesome. And yes, every single Patel in the world IS part of a Gujurati conspiracy to take over the world. Their first step is to take over all the hotels (don't ask me about the logic, I'm Sindhi). Speaking of which, until you've tasted Sindhi papad, you don't know what good papad is.

  2. Gee, I wonder if a special someone we know who speaks such good Hindi he frequently surprises Indian people in the elevator by speaking their language was at the Patel Brotherhood? Were Ben Bernanke or the President also there?

  3. Mithun: thank you for confirming the Guju conspiracy. Let's find some of that Sindhi stuff in the fall.

    Steph: that special someone was not there. He was stranded in Domodosola after being kicked off a train.