Friday, 15 May 2009


Jambo! Welcome to my blog.

I started this blog to write about my experiences this summer in East Africa. I managed to land a really exciting summer gig with TechnoServe, an organization that runs grassroots development programs throughout the world. I'll be working in TechnoServe's Tanzanian office, where I'll be trying to help small farmers in the local cotton sector. (More details on that when I actually get started). Of course, I won't be blogging just about work. I'm going to try to get to see as much of Tanzania and the surrounding countries as I can, learn some Swahili, and have some interesting adventures. I'm hoping I can squeeze in a safari, Kenya trip, or gorilla-tracking expedition at some point. I'm incredibly excited about the whole affair! The current plan is to post my thoughts on the ol' interweb every couple of days so you can share the fun with me.

I guess this is actually take two of my travel-blogging career. Last summer, I blogged pretty regularly about a three-month overland trip I made across Central Asia, the Southern Caucasus and Europe -- Before I left, I wasn't sure I'd have the patience to keep the blog going. But it turns out blogging is a pretty good option when you're stuck in northern Tajikistan for a few days! This summer might be more hectic, but I won't let that stop me.

I'm leaving from Boston tomorrow morning, getting to Dar on Sunday, and starting work on Monday (Tanzanian time). That means it's T-2 days, y'all.

Feel free to share with friends, post comments, or anything else. Hope you enjoy!



  1. love you take care and not too much beer a.paula